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Winning and maintaining clients is a competitive business.  Clients have choices, and they no longer tolerate the upward trajectory of billable hours at ever increasing rates.  Firms need to adapt by outsourcing work, assigning junior attorneys and paralegals to cases and considering alternative financing arrangements.

Taking cases on contingency is a risky business.  Few firms have the capital or the due diligence processes in place to make calculated risk assessments to determine which cases to take.  Getting contingency calls wrong can have a big impact on profits, distributions and morale.  Through Litigation Finance, firms can shift risk to investors who focus on such risk assessments.  The end result is that the client gains a capital-efficient way to pursue meritorious IP lawsuits, and the firm maintains a client relationship.

Dulany Street Capital welcomes IP deal flow opportunities from law firms looking to share risk and rewards in contingency-based arrangements.

Dulany Street Capital focuses on non-recourse investments in meritorious IP cases.  It’s all we do.