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In the nascent field of Litigation Finance, Dulany Street Capital is the world's only fund investing exclusively in patent infringement cases, which are highly predictable assets in terms of their cost, duration and damages.  We invest only in meritorious claims brought by patent owners who face a threat to their business due to the infringing activities of others. These cases are brought to us by companies, universities, private equity firms and a vast network of law firms.


Dulany Street Capital has developed a due diligence process and rigor to assess and price each case.  When we invest, we take a passive role leaving the legal strategy and settlement decisions to the claimant and his/her legal team.  If successful, Dulany Street Capital claims a minority portion of the settlement proceeds in return for having financed up to 100% of the legal fees and costs associated with the case.


Dulany Street Capital provides solutions serving 3 important constituencies:

  • Corporate patent holders - needing creative financing to pursue their claims while laying off risks

  • Law Firms - seeking alternative financing arrangements to offer to their clients, and

  • Investors - looking for superior investment returns that are not correlated to broader capital markets

The Founders
Joseph Krider, Partner & Founder


Eric Morehouse, Partner & Founder


Joe is a capital markets pro having served in leadership/M&A roles in banking and industry. His finance experience stems from M&A and Equity raising roles at SwissBank, Warburg, UBS and Terex Corp. He is a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point and earned an MBA from London Business School.

Eric has 24 years of experience assisting domestic and overseas clients to generate, develop and protect IP portfolios. He is an expert in patent prosecution, post grant proceedings, patent invalidity, infringement, and licensing. He is a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute and earned a J.D from Widener.

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